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So you’re sitting around the table with friends and family – and you’re not eating any meat or other animal products and suddenly someone comes out with:

“But what about the plants? (I just read that) they have feelings, too! You’re killing innocent living beings. How do you justify that?”

It’s not that you haven’t heard that nonsense before. It’s just that you can’t believe there are still people out there arguing about this topic.

Although researchers found out that plants may perceive the world around them and that there actually could be such thing like a “plant sense”, plants neither have a nervous system nor a brain to feel any pain.

Apart from that: If you cut off a leg from a pig or a dog, what happens? Will it grow back? Will it regenerate like the branches of a pruned tree? Are those acts morally comparable?

And even if they were… The production of meat kills billions of plants each year. It takes seven kilograms of grain to get one kilogram of beef. Almost 60% of the world’s agricultural land is used for beef production, yet beef accounts for less than 2% of the calories that are consumed throughout the world. We deforest the world’s tropical rainforests to cultivate soy which by the way is NOT destined for all the crazy vegans out there. More than 85% of the soy is used as animal feed.

So, yes… there are plants being killed for a vegan diet, but the mass consumption of meat and other animal products, such as dairy and eggs, is killing the planet.